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ChainKey is the world's first blockchain proof of record wallet. 

ChainKey allows you to record important information onto a blockchain to create a permanent and tamper proof record. Use cases include storage of wills, legal contracts and patentable ideas. Simply take a photograph and click a button. Send the private key automatically as an email to your lawyer or other trusted party.

Store the record on Ethereum or your own private blockchain using Hyperledger / Cello using IBM cloud.

Use CKEY or GDO ERC20 tokens as credits.

ChainKey can be white labelled or reconfigured for private permissioned blockchains. Ask us for details


  • Upload document
  • Create passcode
  • Nominate private key recipient
  • Process
  • Document recorded on blockchain.


ChainKey is GDPR and privacy friendly - it stores no personal information and only the user or nominated trusted third party has the private key to access it.

Use Cases

Use cases are numerous. Proof of record can include insurance contents, art provenance, fine wines, wills, deeds, legal contracts, fashion industry proofs, music scores, contracts for services, data rooms, KYC, GDPR avoidance, and so on.
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Chainkey stores no retrievable personal information or data on the blockchain.
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